VIP Tables-Green River College


Enjoy the competition from the comfort of your table with a front row seat of all the action.  Four beautiful tables, each seating 6 persons will be positioned along the long sides of the competition floor.  Water and snacks will be provided at the start of the session. This is the best and easiest way to sit together with friends and family.

  • Competitors – $35, and includes all entry fees. Make sure you buy this type of VIP ticket if you are a competitor!
  • Spectators – $25. Seating is for any non-competitor sitting at that table, including children under age 12.
  • Specific seats at a table are available on a first-come basis.
  • No tickets needed…your names will be on our master VIP list at the Ticket Desk and all your guests’ hands will be stamped for re-entry to the ballroom.  If some of your guests will be arriving later, make sure you forward all their names to Ticketing.

Contact Ticketing with your order as soon as ticket sales open up, which will be announced through our email updates.  We will be invoicing you through PayPal and taking secure payments before the event.

Green River College Floorplan showing 5 VIP tables