Registration now open!

Entry deadline: Tuesday, May 7, 2024 at 11:59pm.


  • Entry limited to Seattle Chapter 1004 members or social dancers from other chapters. 
  • Late entries are at the discretion of the organizers and will be considered if they do not require additions to the schedule. Email the organizers.
  • Please read the “What you need to know” section below before you enter any events, as there are new events, three sessions, and new rules in effect now.

What you need to know before you enter:

Entry is now limited to USA Dance Seattle Chapter 1004 members and social dance members from other USA Dance chapters. 

Seattle chapter members can either choose a DanceSport Competitor member category appropriate for their age and student status OR a social dancer membership.  We recommend that you select competitor membership so that:

1)  You receive messaging relevant for competitors and

2)  You are eligible to compete at other USA Dance comps in the U.S. and WDSF-affiliated events outside the U.S. like the Snowball Classic in Vancouver, B.C.

Much as we would love to open events to everybody, new national rules do not allow competitive members from other chapters nor Canadian amateur dancers to enter events in our non-sanctioned competition.

Make sure you join or renew your membership before you begin registration.

Valid USA Dance membership numbers are required on the entry form.

Allow yourself extra time for registration if you did not compete in the October 2023 Quest, because we have a new online registration system.

We are using Ballroom Comp Express now rather than O2CM, so you’ll have to set up new accounts in this system and get used to its features.  It takes longer to set up a studio account, so please start early!

USA Dance now has a gender neutral entry policy.

This policy means that the gender of the athlete is irrelevant as to the role they fill in a dance couple.  Any two individuals may enter as a couple regardless of their gender identification.  Either individual may lead or follow.

New Solo Proficiency events.

This event consists of an Amateur Athlete in the Pre-teen 1 through Youth age categories dancing events without a partner whereby the athlete is judged on a solo execution of their syllabus material.  Eligibility is determined by the athlete’s age and proficiency level.

Mixed Proficiency event eligibility.

An Amateur Mixed Proficiency event consists of a judged Amateur Athlete under the age of 18 and an unjudged Amateur Athlete who is usually two or more age classifications different than the judged athlete, though this is not a requirement. Highlighted rules:

  • For Amateur Mixed Proficiency events, eligibility is determined by the judged Amateur Athlete’s age and proficiency level.
  • Lead and follow competitors must be judged separately in Amateur Mixed Proficiency events. An Amateur Mixed Proficiency couple may not compete together as an amateur couple in group competitive events.
  • The non judged dancer must be 17 years old or younger.

Teacher/Student event eligibility.

A Teacher/Student event consists of a judged Amateur Athlete and an unjudged Teacher that is 18 years of age or older.  Lead and follow competitors must be judged separately. Highlighted rules:

    • Teacher describes an individual who is a member of USA Dance Seattle and who meets the eligibility criteria for Athletes (Amateur or Professional) described in the Rules for Competitors (Section 4 of the Rulebook).  For Teacher/Student events, eligibility is determined by the judged Amateur Athlete’s age and proficiency level.
    • A Teacher/Student couple may not compete together as an amateur couple in group competitive events.
    • The Teacher must be 18 years old or older.

Newcomer event eligibility.

After entering Newcomer events at two Quests, a competitor must enter Bronze or higher skill level events.

If you are entering multiple events, make sure you are allowed to enter them all.

The partnership can enter no more than two consecutive proficiency levels and/or two consecutive age categories within a dance style at a dance competition.  Please refer to pages 33-35 of the current USA Dance Rulebook for more information.