Registration closed!

Late entries will be accepted with approval by the organizers and only if they do not incur additional heats.  Email the organizers to inquire.


Important changes – please read before entering events!


  • You must request a new “RIN” number from O2CM before entering any events.  Go the O2CM Competitor’s Portal and click on the blue “REGISTER NOW!” button near the top of the page. This will take you to the Manage page.  Add all the information in the tabbed sections under Competitor Info and especially Membership where you input your USA Dance competitor number. Make sure you receive an email confirmation afterwards, then proceed to entering events as you usually do. Make sure you note your new RIN # as it will be needed when you register for events.

  • Studios can use the studio portal at to request multiple RINs at one time. Make a note of all RINs.  Then go to our Registration page and log into your regular account.  You will need to add all your students back into your Registration account using RINs.  Contact Laurel at 425-444-2417 in the evenings or email for help.

  • Check now to make sure you have floor-friendly dance shoes in order to compete!  Suede must completely cover the sole and heel of the shoe.  If ladies have slim heels, plastic shoe protectors should be worn!  You will not be able to enter the ballroom or compete if you do not have the right shoes!

  • Please do this now, as you may need time to get answers to any questions or order shoe supplies well ahead of our Thursday, January 16, 2020, 11:59pm entry deadline.

Important notes

  • Newcomer events:  After entering Newcomer events at two Quests, a competitor must enter Bronze or higher skill level events.

  • Pre-teen I and II competitors can enter Newcomer through Gold skill level events only (per the National Rule Book).

  • Formation teams must email completed forms to the organizers by the same entry date above, whether you compete or perform.

Our O2CM online registration system works best with the Chrome or Opera browsers.  If you experience any problems, download and use one of these browsers which works on most systems. Get Chrome or Opera.

No entry fees…just pay competitor admission

  • Regular competitor admission: $25 for entire day, paid at the door.
  • VIP Table seating for competitors: $35/person. Tickets go on sale about a month before the comp and are available on a first-come basis by emailing Ticketing.  Any remaining table seats will be sold at the door.
  • Formation team admission:
    • Competing formation teams: $100 for the entire team  You must email completed forms to the organizers by the regular entry deadline above.  Judges comments/marks provided.
    • Individual team members competing in non-formation team events:  Will pay an additional $25 /person in regular seating or $35/per person for a VIP table seat.
    • Teams only doing performances:  Free admission.  Judges comments provided.  You must email completed forms to the organizers by the regular entry deadline above.

Late entries

Online registration will be closed early Friday morning, October 11, 2019 and scheduling will begin immediately.  Any late entry requests must be emailed to the organizersLate entries will be allowed only if they do not incur additional heats.  Please avoid disappointment and enter by the deadline.

Competitor checklist – before the comp:

  • Make sure you are a current competitive member in one of the affiliated amateur organizations (unless you are entering Newcomer events) such as USA Dance (Amateur Athlete membership), BC/CADA or the WDSF. You will need your membership# to fill out our entry form.  Bring your membership card with you to the comp and be prepared to show it at the registration desk.
  • Familiarize yourself with the latest costume and makeup rules, especially if you are entered in a newcomer, bronze, silver or gold level event. Those not meeting costume requirements will be asked to change. If such request is not honored, the couple’s entry will be cancelled and no refund will be allowed.  Here are some recent changes to note:
    • Youth, Junior and Pre-teen Syllabus (bronze, silver, gold levels) are NOT PERMITTED to wear costumes. Please see the rule book for costume rules.
    • Ladies cannot wear nude-colored leotard bottoms (dance pants).
    • Adult and Senior syllabus may wear costumes.
    • Pre-teen and Junior events are split up into Pre-Teen I and II as well as Junior I and II age level events…just as they are at our regional (NQE) and national championships.
  • For those intending to enter multiple events, make sure you are allowed to enter them all.  The partnership can enter no more than two consecutive proficiency levels and/or two consecutive age categories within a dance style at a dance competition.  Examples of acceptable entries:  Pre-teen I Bronze and Pre-teen II Bronze OR Pre-teen II and Junior I Gold Standard.
  • Check your proficiency points.  A couple shall not compete in any classification below the minimum proficiency level for which they are eligible. Please note that you only count points from the last 3 years of USA Dance sanctioned competitions.  Since the Quest for the Best is a registered, but not sanctioned event, you do not accrue proficiency points, so don’t count those.  Wins at Nationals count double.  For more information, please visit the USA Dance Rules webpages.
  •  Check out the latest dress code requirements in the Rulebook. Contact the organizers if you have any further questions.
IMPORTANT! Nude colored dance pants or leotard bottoms are restricted at all style, age and skill levels, because it gives the impression of nudity in an intimate area.

Bring to the comp when registering:

  • Your partner!  Both partners must be there to register for an event and pick up your number.
  • Both of your current membership cards.  Bring these every time!
  • Proof that admission was paid at the door…either a ticket stub or hand stamp.
  • $5 deposit for the competitor number.  This will be refunded when you return the number.