Formation Team Events


To help create affordable opportunities to participate in DanceSport, USA Dance Seattle Chapter #1004 is offering the following to all formation teams attending the Quest for the Best Dance Competition Series.

You may demo your performance, compete according to the rules on the website (Open Formation Team Rules), or compete according to the traditional rules (USA Dance Formation Team Rules).  All of these options can be with or without judges’ comments depending on the number of participants, and at the head judge’s or organizers’ discretion.

All formation team members who are not competing in any other event may come to the Quest for the Best at no charge; this includes two coaches per formation team. A formation team member who is competing in another event must pay the entry fee.

Also, if a formation team member is only doing a formation team demo they do not have to be a member of USA Dance.  If a formation team is competing as a formation team, each member of the team must have a USA Dance membership number. A USA Dance membership is obtained by registering on the membership website.

We want to encourage everyone to try DanceSport. We are looking forward to seeing all of you at every event!


Open Formation Team Rules

This is not a USA Dance sanctioned Formation Team competition. This is an open event that follows the USA Dance rules as modified below:

  • All age groups are allowed.
  • Teams do not have to perform to a medley of 5 songs. They may dance fewer than all dances within a dance style in the routine. One song is fine.
  • Time Restrictions will be those of the Youth Formation Team.
  • All rules on Solo and Closed position will be suspended for this dance competition.
  • Lifts are allowed.
  • Competitors may dance with as many teams as they want in each style of dance at this dance competition.


USA Dance Formation Team Rules

Refer to the USA Dance National Formation Team rules.

These rules will allow us to make sure the competition runs smoothly and each formation team has practice time on the floor prior to their performance.


Entry Procedure:

The formation team coach must submit the entry list form below. The list will be at the door and used to determine who is allowed in at no charge. A formation team competing as a formation team must include the USA Dance membership numbers on the form. A USA Dance membership number is only needed if a member of the team is participating in other events or the entire team is doing a formation team competition instead of a demo. Entry deadline is two (2) weeks prior to the competition.  Email this to the organizers.

Download formation team demo/entry form