Facility Search: Green River College

11,,000 SF gym with seating for 863 on the left side and 352 on the right side. Propose to only use the larger left bleachers. If we can only put out parts of bleachers, we will.


  • Available Oct. 19, 2019 & April 25, 2020 from 7am to midnight.
  • Cost $2,840
  • 11,000 SF with tons of bleacher seating and room for VIP tables as well. This is about 1,300 SF smaller than the Kent Commons, but it has a nice feel on the inside…a little cosier and everybody has a good view.
  • What we are short on in warm-up space.
  • Outlets available along walls without bleachers.
  • Locker rooms dedicated to our event will be used and they are just down the hallway from the entry.
  • They have all the tables and white folding chairs, podiums (maybe a desktop one but they need to check) we need.
  • Tons of parking, but there are many bldgs on campus, so we would have to create good maps. Signs with “EVENT” and arrows will be put out on campus. If we want to have them customize these signs, there is an additional fee.
  • OK to bring food into the gym, but we cannot make and sell food because Health Dept. regulations prohibit it. If you buy food from licensed catered/food vendors, then it can be brought in. No onsite food available nearby.
  • There are fast food and restaurants within 10 minute drive.
  • There are some lower cost hotels in Auburn within a 10 minute drive.
  • 4 coat racks available.
  • I have requested two hours of setup time from their AV guy to assist in getting all our stuff set up this first time.
  • They will take down and clean the room and all their supplies afterwards, so we just need to remove our supplies at the end of the evening.
  • Color scheme in gym is not optimal…dark green and gold. Should consider this in balloon colors to help tie things together…maybe have blue, dark green and yellow as the colors.
  • See floorplan below.

Email your comments to Laurel.

Locker rooms. Some lockers will not be available because locked. Coat racks will be brought in,, though facility has 4 of them.
Classroom immediately outside entry has been rented as well…think we will need it for staff meals or storage, etc. It was only $100. Chairs and tables need to stay in the room but could be moved and stacked if desired.