O2CM Accounts

Two O2CM accounts now required

To improve personal information security, O2CM now requires two accounts…one for storing competitors’ personal information (RIN account) and the other is for registering for specific Quest events (Registration account)RIN.  Please see below for more information about each.


1)  Registration Accounts

O2CM has always required users to have a Registration account to register for events.  Registration accounts allow one person to manage the entries of one or more competitors.  If you already have a Registration account, it is probably still there (unless you haven’t used it in awhile) and works much the same as before.  However, if this is the first time you have looked at your Registration account since April of 2019, you will notice that none of the competitors that were listed in there before are now there.  This is because all competitors now require a RIN # and have to be added back into your Registration account with their RIN #s.


2)  RIN Accounts

O2CM now requires each competitor to have a Registrant Identification Number (RIN) which is stored and managed in a separate O2CM RIN account so you can refer to or update personal information in future.  To get RINs, you must set up an O2CM RIN account and fill in relevant personal information such as name, birthdate and USA Dance membership # for each competitor.  A RIN # will be assigned to you as you begin to fill out this form.  Make sure you make a note of your new RINs and the password for your RIN account, as you will need these in future.

Types of RIN Accounts:

  • Competitor/family RIN accounts can only be used for individuals or family members with the same last name.  Visit the Competitor’s Portal and click on the “REGISTER NOW” button at the top of the page to set up a new account.
  • Studio accounts can be used for those that need to manage RINs for multiple individuals with different last names, such as dance studios. Visit the Studio Portal to setup up or login to a studio account.

If you are new to O2CM, set up your accounts in this order:

  1. Check to make sure all competitors you manage are current dancesport member(s) of USA Dance or a recognized Canadian Amateur Dancesport Organization.  USA Dance Dancesport memberships run from January to December of a calendar year, so don’t forget to renew in December or January.  Your status will be checked in the next step.
  2. Get all your RIN #s first by setting up a O2CM RIN account as either a “competitor (family)” or “studio” account.  All family members at the same address with the same last name can use a competitor/family account.  Others should set up a studio account.  New accounts, especially studio accounts, will go through a verification process before they are ready to be used, so you must allow enough time for this process.  Do this well before the entry deadline and certainly no later than a week before.  If you have any problems, it will take time to troubleshoot this.

  3. Wait for email verification that the RIN account has been successfully set up.  Make a note of all RIN #s, as you will need them for the next step.
  4. Set up an O2CM Registration account  link.  Add the RIN#s of all the competitors that need to go in this account.  Click on the “New” button in the account information area to add each competitor you manage.  Once email verification comes in, you are ready to start entering events.