Quicksteppers dancing against the Seattle skyline

Saturday, September 28, 2024

Pacific Ballroom Dance Studio
1604 15th Street SW, Suite 109
Auburn, WA 98001

Due to recent rules changes, entry is limited to Seattle Chapter 1004 members only and social dance members from other USA Dance chapters.


Entry deadline: Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2024 at 11:59pm.

Late entries are at the discretion of the organizers and considered only if no additional heats would be necessary.  Contact organizers.

Latest News 

Do you have a registration account in BCE yet?

In October 2023, we switched to using Ballroom Comp Express instead of O2CM to manage entries.  If you don’t already have a registration account, please do so here.  We strongly recommend that studios needing to set up multiple students in their account do this now.  We do not have full support for troubleshooting from 5/7 – 5/15/24, so please do this early!  Don’t forget that you also need a current USA Dance membership affiliated with the Seattle Chapter 1004 or a social dance membership in another USA Dance chapter in order to set up this account and enter events.

More opportunities for more dancers to compete!

  • Teddy bear (age 5-7) events.
  • Solo Proficiency is for unpartnered Pre-Teen I through Youth aged amateurs who are judged on the solo execution of their syllabus material.
  • You can compete with an amateur of the same gender in regular group events if you’re both eligible for that skill and age class.  Either partner can choose to lead or follow.
  • Mixed proficiency.  Find an amateur under age 18 to compete with that normally would be ineligible in group events due to higher age or skill level. Offered in Newcomer through Pre-championship skill levels.
  • Teacher/Student.  You can dance with a pro or am over age 18.

Three sessions now!

There will be three sessions now instead of two, to maximize scheduling efficiency and allow younger competitors (teddy bear, PT1 & 2) to complete their day earlier.

New Gender Neutral Policy

This policy means that the gender of the athlete is irrelevant as to the role they fill in a dance couple.  Any two individuals may enter as a couple regardless of their gender identification.  Either individual may lead or follow. We hope this will allow more dancers to compete.

Please Re-signup for Email Updates!

While we rebuild our email mailing list, we’re putting Quest updates on our home page.  We hope to begin email updates for our October 2024 competition.  To ensure you continue to receive Quest email updates for the October Quest, please sign up below.Computer iconLook for the followup email from Vertical Response (which may be in your Junk folder) and check the following boxes:

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