Quest for the Best Amateur DanceSport Competition

October 19, 2019

Green River College, Main Campus   NEW LOCATION!

Physical Education (PE) Bldg. on Eidal Way
12401 SE 320th Street
Auburn, WA 98092 

Location maps      More detailed instructions on best routes to facility and places to park will be posted soon.

Preliminary schedule     Enter now!



  • A full spectrum of all-amateur events at modest cost for all ages, styles and skill levels including mixed proficiency and formation teams.
  • Mixed proficiency events now include Newcomer through Pre-championship skill levels. Pre-teen and Junior events have been split into Pre-teen I and II and Junior I and II age categories, as they are at regional and national championships. Please note that National rules only allow Preteens to dance Newcomer through Gold skill levels now.
  • Gain important competition experience without winning your way out of your skill level prior to USA Dance NQEs or Nationals!  As a  Registered USA Dance competition, you do not accrue points that apply to upper level comps.
  • We’re gearing the evening session for great spectating featuring our most popular and highest skill level events, all adults, and formation teams.  Refer to the schedule for current start times.
  • Optimized for formation teams.  Seattle audiences love formation teams and we have booked a large facility to better welcome them.  Both competitive or exhibition events offered.  Judges marks and comments provided.  More info.
  • Entry deadline: Thursday, October 10, 2019, 11:59pm.


  • Competitors: $25/person, purchased only at the door, $35/person at VIP tables*.
  • Spectators over age 12: $15 standard seating, purchased at the door, $25/person at VIP tables*.
  • Youth spectators under age 12:  Free in standard seating areas, $25 at VIP tables.  USA Dance Seattle offers this in order to expose more youth to DanceSport!

Please note that because Quest attendance has grown, we have moved to a facility with bleacher seating so that everybody will be able to have a seat and a great view.  We are reserving the lowest bleacher row and a small number of other ground floor seats for those that have trouble using stairs.  We suggest that groups wishing to sit together use the bleacher rows just above those in your group that need to be on the ground floor.  We really appreciate your help on this so that we have enough ground floor seating for those that really need it. 

Contact the organizers in advance if you would like help finding room for a guest with a wheelchair.

Tickets can be purchased only at the door with cash or check.  No credit cards accepted.


VIP tables 

Four VIP tables on the ground floor, each seating 6 will be available for pre-sale on a first-come basis.  See the VIP tables-Green R. College for more information.


The Quest for the Best is organized by committee.  Please contact the organizers and and questions will be referred to the appropriate person.

Email: the organizers (emails all three organizers below)

Or call/text:

  • Laurel Preston: 425-444-2417
  • Daryl Schmidt: 425-891-4455
  • Michele Boyer: 208-724-2985